Do You Need a Specific Slab Design?

Get customized stone and granite slabs in Fort Collins, CO

If you have a unique design in mind for your kitchen or bathroom, we can help. AMC Stone & Cabinets works to create quartz, marble and granite slabs for your home or office in Fort Collins, Colorado. While they can be more expensive than prefabricated slabs, you'll have more options. You can get a slab that's fabricated to fit your space precisely.

Want to avoid seams in your countertop? Custom granite and stone slabs can be cut to fit your space with as few seams as possible. You'll enjoy a neater, smoother appearance.

Design a custom slab for your home in Fort Collins, CO today.

Get the right slab for your house

After you choose the right slab from our large inventory, we'll provide fabrication services to cut your slabs into the perfect shape and design for your house. We have our own skilled installers on staff to get the job done. You won't have to hire multiple companies to complete your remodeling project.

Get fabrication services for granite and stone slabs by calling us at 970-657-2078 today.